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Michael Shane Stephens

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent
LGBT Travel for Families | Jordan

Jordan and Thailand are similar when it comes to supporting the LGBT community. Jordan is the safest destination in the Middle East and the cultural exchange that happens there is amazing. It’s like you’re in the middle of an Indiana Jones movie. You’re so immersed in the modern and ancient historical ways. In Jordan, your family can pretty much experience any page of the bible and any page from ancient history as the area revolves around the Dead Sea and the Jordan river.

You can go from the modern city of Amman to thousands-of-years-old Petra, and from the ancient sites of the patriarch Aaron’s tomb to the place of Jesus’ baptism. You have the mountain where Moses spent his last days, the ethereal and legendary Dead Sea experience (you can float with your family and then close the night out at a beautiful 5-star hotel by the Dead Sea) and the desert. The nomadic lifestyle that has been around for thousands of years, and that is still very alive and vibrant in all of Jordan, provides opportunities for desert camping and much more.

Your family can see where great movies have been filmed, such as “Lawrence of Arabia,” “The Martian” and “Transformers.” These cinematic gems were made in Wadi Ram desert only 20 miles from the Saudi Arabia border. Jordan is a uniquely positioned country that is full of culture, history and gastronomy. In Jordan, you can get some of the best wine and olive oil in the world. Overall, this destination is great for a family to experience together.