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Natascha Columbus

New York, New York Travel Agent


With over 26 years in the travel industry, 24 of them servicing high profile entertainment clientele, Natascha has an unbelievable amount of experience in all sorts of special requests. From coordinating over 200 contestants to one destination with origination's from 20 different countries to managing the entire travel and hotel for multiple Music Tours to C-Level Executives. Based on the West Coast she adapts to the clients various schedules around the world. She makes the impossible possible!

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Travel Specialties

Production/Entertainment Travel

Production/Entertainment Travel

I’ve learned that when handling travel for a film, TV or music production, response time is critical. The production team needs to know you can get them what they need and turn on a dime to accommodate the many changes that ... Read more from my Production/Entertainment Travel bio.

White Glove Corporate Service

White Glove Corporate Service

The best part about planning travel for high level executives is that I can really get to know their preferences and personalities. This enables me to provide awesome service and it gets better the longer we work together.

For example, if an ... Read more from my White Glove Corporate Service bio.

My Travel Agent Life

My Travel Agent Life

I’ve fulfilled an unbelievable range of special requests and pride myself on how often I can make the impossible happen. Among the most exciting professional challenges was when I single-handedly planned and executed the travel for over 200 contestants originating from 20 different ... Read more from my My Travel Agent Life bio.

Travel Experiences

At Home in London

If I were to live outside of the U.S. ever again, I would move to London. I grew up largely in Germany and simply love the variety and rich history London and its surroundings has to offer.  I also enjoy that it is a melting pot of cultures and has a ...Read more from my At Home in London story.