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Natascha Columbus

New York, New York Travel Agent

Production/Entertainment Travel

I’ve learned that when handling travel for a film, TV or music production, response time is critical. The production team needs to know you can get them what they need and turn on a dime to accommodate the many changes that come up. Often it’s hurry up and wait. It’s a business I understand and love.

I’ve found that the way to thrive and serve my clients is to have vast personal relationships with our vendors. For example, when plans change and someone needs a wait-list cleared for a flight or a penalty fee waived for a last-minute hotel cancellation, I need to be able to pick up a phone and speak to someone who can solve the problem.

My clients know that unless I absolutely say ‘no, this isn’t happening,' I will be trying until the wheels fall off to get what they need. With my airline background, I can respectfully ask for what is possible, and I know what might be totally impossible. And of course, I always present clients with viable alternatives if all else fails.  

I’ve worked with the major studios on everything from scouting and press junkets to production travel. Sometimes, when things get really intense, I will actually work side-by-side with the Productions assistants in their offices or on site.

I get asked a lot how it is to work with A-list stars and what productions/tours I’m working on, but in this business you have to sign NDA’s for all clients to protect their privacy which I take this trust very seriously.

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